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Ing. Roberto Dini
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Roberto Dini is one of the most known and appreciated consultant in the field of Intellectual Property in Europe.

He deals with all aspects of I.P., in particular patents and trademarks, and he has a substantial experience in the field of consumer electronics and household appliances (i.e. brown and white goods), having spent more than ten years working for one of the biggest industry in these fields in Italy.

He supports the owners of I.P. to exploit to the maximum extent the business and commercial implications thereof. To this purpose, his policy in prosecuting patents and trademarks is based on the concept that the final I.P. rights of our clients have to be an effective and competitive instrument. In this respect, he is especially skilled in the field of patent enforcement, i.e. to intercept and suppress infringements or to negotiate rewarding license agreements, in the shortest time possible.

Over the last years Roberto Dini has been involved in the prosecution and the subsequent enforcement of patent rights in the field of consumer electronics, which has led to the conclusion of a great number of license agreements with various well-known multinational corporations. He is assisted in its daily activity of supporting and enforcing patent and trademark rights by a network of primary international legal and I.P. counsels, with whom he has a close and long-standing relationship.


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